Renovate Design Consultation

Do you have enough space in your home but feel that it is not working well? Would you like to improve the flow of space?

€500  | 2 Hours


house extension

Do you need more space but don’t know where to begin? Should you extend to the side, convert the garage or the attic?

€650 | 2.5 hours


Finish Design Consultation

Do you need help choosing furniture, finishes and fittings? Do you need help bringing your space together?

€500 | 2 hours


Do you live outside Dublin but would like help with your renovation, extension or new build project?

€500  | 2 hours

€650 | 2.5 hours


Open Plan Apartment

Do you struggle with storage and furniture layouts? Would you like to optimise your space, light and storage and make best use of every available centimetre?

€500 | 2 hours


Review House Plans houseology

Have you had drawings prepared for an extension or a new home? Would like a second opinion prior to proceeding?

€500 | 2 hours

€650 | 2.5 hours


Buy Design Consultation

Have you finally found a home that seems to meet your needs? Would you like a 2nd opinion before committing to purchase?

€500 | 2 hours

€300 | 1 hour


Would you like another session to review further options? Would you like to develop the ideas from our first consultation?

€500 | 2 hours

€300 | 1 hour


Eva Byrne FRIAI

Contact Eva at 087 2940805

to arrange your House Consultation

Eva Byrne, Registered Architect, House Consultant & Interiorista

How I Work…

There are 3 stages to transforming your home in the course of a House Consultation…


I sit down and talk to you to see what issues you wish to deal with in terms of Space, Light & Storage.


Together, we look over those parts of the house needing attention. At this stage I will be able to advise what I can achieve in the course of the planned session. A variety of ideas and options will be explored to find the one that suits you best. Where structural alterations or an extension are planned, this may include the preparation of free-hand, scaled sketches.


I seek to ensure that you are equipped with the information and contacts to bring the project to fruition. The ideas are all summarised in written format, consisting of notes or sketches or both, produced in the course of the consultation.

I look forward to helping you get the most out of your space and to creating a home that meets you needs now and into the future…

Eva Byrne, Registered Architect, House Consultant & Interiorista

087 2940805 |

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