A well-designed Living Room is a place where you feel comfortable, whether alone or when gathering with friends. Here are my top Living Room Design Ideas.


  1. LAYOUT: Gather furniture so that it inspires gathering and conversation. Furniture that looks as if the pieces are engaged in conversation will actually be engaging and inviting. Use existing features like fireplaces and windows, to generate furniture arrangements in the room. This will help avoid the appearance of haphazardly arranged pieces. A main sofa and some comfortable armchairs may be more flexible than a number of sofas of similar size. This main sofa should “anchor” and give a sense of order to the room.
  2. TV: The TV and fireplace will compete for attention! Perhaps have 2 furniture arrangements, one for TV viewing and a second for conversation/entertaining mode? Or combine the two on one wall, with the TV over the fireplace? This will, of course, only be possible where the fireplace is relatively low.
  3. RUG: A large rug will provide a focal point and unify the elements of the room, especially where you have wooden or tiled floors. A large rug will assist also in softening the acoustics, again a potential issue with hard floors. Be aware that leather furniture in combination with a timber or tiled floor may make the space noisy. Minimise this effect by combining leather and fabric seating, by providing lots of cushions and throws as well as a large rug as above.
  4. COFFEE TABLE: A large, low coffee table will accommodate magazines and books currently being read and occupy nicely – and usefully -the space in the middle of the room.
  5. LIGHTING: Plan a comprehensive lighting strategy, with good general, background lighting and useful task lighting (for reading etc) with floor and table lamps. Provide dimmer switches, where possible, for maximum flexibility. Floor and table lamps can provide a sculptural presence in the room.
  6. BOOKS: A large quantity of books on shelves may be overwhelming in this space. Consider keeping some of the lower shelves clear for photographs and beloved objects to avoid this.
  7. ACCESSORIES: Use cushions and throws to vary the colour scheme seasonally or according to your mood.

Living Room Design Ideas in Our House

  1. LAYOUT: The TV is normally not in this room so we’re free to arrange furniture as we please. There are multiple arrangements possible depending on the season and occasion. Furniture is frequently on the move, depending on the season and events. The windows are kept free of large pieces of furniture. Furniture includes a 3 seater sofa (washable covers), 2 leather armchairs, large coffee table (84 x 84cm), piano, stool, side table, miscellaneous chairs, floor lamps.
  2. DIMENSIONS: The Living Room is part of a open plan area, occupies a space 4.5m wide x 5m deep approximately. At 5 metres, the width of the room for passing by and for the piano, leaving 4.5 x 3.6m for the actual furniture.
  3. MATERIALS: Has a white terrazzo floor and a large central rug measuring 260 x 170cm.
  4. LIGHTING: Primary lighting is provided by a ceiling mounted track with adjustable fittings. Floor and table lamps provide background and mood lighting.

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