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Online House Design Advice wherever you live.

€500| 2 hours  €650| 2.5 hours

In the course of an Online House Consultation, you can avail of all of the benefits of a personal consultation and get great online house design advice for your home in 4 easy steps…

  1. Step 1: You email details of your existing home & of your proposed project.
  2. Step 2: I email proposals for your consideration.
  3. Step 3: We discuss the proposals by phone or Skype.
  4. Step 4: I make alterations to those proposals and return them to you by email and post.


  • Renovation: up to 2 hours of my time at a cost of €500, payable online in advance.
  • Extension: up 2.5 hours of my time at a cost of €660, payable online in advance.
  • Existing and Proposed Floor plans of the relevant parts of the house in the form of freehand, scaled sketches.
  • All completed in the course of the  consultation.


“Eva, when you arrived this morning for our consultation, I thought my architect had given me a plan for an extension with which I was reasonably happy…one I could live with.  I thought that you would just give me a few ideas on how to better live within a set of architectural constraints.   Two hours later the constraints were gone!  You worked and reworked my needs and, presto, a radically different plan appeared!  This one is not one I can live with; it’s one I LOVE!

A major extension means a major investment, regardless of how much builders say their costs are coming down.  To spend that money and get only a part of what you hope for is a bad investment.  Paying you to sort out what I really need and how to get it was the smartest investment I ever made.  Not only do your changes make sense right now for our family of six, but they will work just as well or even better as our kids grow.

I can’t thank you enough!  But we will open a bottle of bubbly some time next year when the last builder departs!!!”