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Home Renovation Advice to make the most of every Cent and Centimetre.
€500 | 2 Hours

In the course of a 2 hour RENOVATE House Consultation, we can address your Home Renovation Advice needs together including…

  • SPACE: How to organise your space, use your rooms and maximise the flow of space.
  • ROOM LAYOUTS: How to optimise your room layouts including re-arrange your existing furniture and/or choose new furniture.
  • STRUCTURE: How you might make structural alterations, for example,  remove a wall or create an opening between 2 rooms.
  • LIGHT: How to optimise natural light and sun.
  • FINISHES: Choose floors, windows and other finishes as well as colours.
  • STORAGE: How to meet your storage needs, both built-in and freestanding.
  • KITCHEN: How to lay out and design your kitchen in detail.

 The RENOVATE Home Renovation Advice Package includes:

Renovate Consultation houseology

  • Up to 2 hours of my time, in your  home, to address whatever issues you wish to discuss. We begin by sitting down to discuss your list of issues. I will then be able to advise what we may achieve in the course of the 2 hour session.
  • Scaled, freehand sketches (where structural alterations are planned) and/or hand-written notes with guidance on how to carry the project forward.
  • NOTE: I do not offer advice on cost but work in a cost-conscious way. I aim to help you use every centimeter to spend every cent in the best possible way. You will have sufficient information at the end of the consultation to get “ballpark” estimates from a Contractor or a Cost Estimate from a Quantity Surveyor.

 RENOVATE clients say…

Home Renovation Advice

“After listening to my concerns & ideas, Eva walked me through every room and discussed what I wanted and what was possible. She then drew out a detailed layout for each room. She came up with some great ideas which I am in the process of implementing. I now have a plan that I know I will be happy with when I am finished. I am only sorry I didn’t do this sooner as I would have saved a lot of money & avoided some heartache.” D. Kane, Whitehall

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