From a refreshing shower in the morning to a relaxing bath in the evening, the bathroom is a centre of ritual and of well-being. Here are MY top Bathroom Design Ideas to help you create an oasis of calm in your home.

  1. LAYOUT: Everything about the bathroom should promote a sense of calm. Think in terms of placing the elements in their optimal location. Your choices will be dictated, to some extent, by the plumbing arrangement, especially in terms of the toilet.
  2. TOILET: Try to locate the toilet so that it is not opposite the door. Wall mounted toilets and wash-basins increase the feeling of space in a bathroom. They are also hygienic, making floor cleaning a lot easier. Use the space above a concealed toilet cistern to provide cupboards for stowing away the myriad bathroom necessities. A compact toilet is a lifesaver in a small bathroom, measuring as little as 60cm long by 38cm wide.
  3. BASIN: It is best to locate the basin facing a wall, so that you can fix a large mirror on the wall above. Given the extent to which we shower nowadays, there is no benefit in choosing a large basin. Make sure that the basin and tap work well together, otherwise is is harder to rinse the basin and keep it clean.
  4. SHOWER: The shower is best located towards the back of the room so that it does not block light. A shower pod will need less maintenance than a tiled shower. A hinged door will harbour less mould than a sliding or bi-fold door. If you can fit a very large shower, dispense with the shower door and use a fixed, glass panel to define the wet area.
  5. BATH: Double-ended baths, with the taps in the middle, always look elegant. They are also good for sharing and for bathing a number of small children. Bear in mind that baths come in a large range of sizes, allowing you the luxury of a bath in even a tiny bathroom.
  6. FINISHES: Large, boldly sized mirrors increase the sense of space in a small bathroom. Tiling the walls full height everywhere tends to make the room feel cold, both acoustically and physically. Tiling to dado height (say 110cm above the floor) is sufficient for hygiene and cleaning purposes. If you’re looking to minimise maintenance, consider a cushion backed vinyl floor. It will be cosy underfoot and eliminate mould-harbouring grout.
  7. VENTILATION: Ideally, your bathroom will have both an opening window and a mechanical extractor fan. An inline fan is a great option, allowing you to extract steam silently. An inline fan entails locating the fan remotely from the point of extract (e.g. in the attic as opposed to the bathroom ceiling). Less noise means you will be more inclined to use the fan with a resulting reduction in condensation and mould growth.
  8. HEATING: A warm bathroom is always more inviting, especially in the morning. Consider a hearted towel rail, which may be operated electrically in Summer and on the central heating system in Winter. Underfloor electric heating may be provided easily to small areas like bathrooms and will solve the coldest of rooms. Make sure to provide a timer so as to control costs.



  1. GUEST BATHROOM: We built our house in 2003 so we have a large, disabled accessible toilet on the ground floor. This measures 1.5 x 2m and doubles as a Cloakroom. The birch hanging system is from Inreda. We have lots of hidden storage behind mirrored doors above the wall mounted toilet and wash basin.
  2. FAMILY BATHROOM: Our main bathroom has no external window so we fitted a whole-house extraction system by Aereco. The fan responds to demand and is silent in use. The bathroom has a double-ended bath. When we built the house, a wall mounted shower over the bath was paired with a circular shower curtain. We added a separate shower when we extended the house in 2012. We also added a handy spot for laundry baskets behind the bath, accessed by means of a hinged panel. The bathroom measures 1.75 x 1.7m.
  3. ENSUITE: The shower here, as in the main bathroom is a pod, with a bi-fold door for access. The pod has only one joint, making it easier to keep clean than a tiled shower.
  4. FINISHES: The Guest Toilet and Family Bathroom have white terrazzo floors to maximise light. This works well with the under-floor heating as it absorbs the heat and releases it slowly. We fitted a pale blue vinyl on the floor in the Ensuite from Ger Floor. The walls have matt white tiles or stainless steel splash-backs.


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