Your needs may vary, from a work-space for household accounts and the family computer, to a full-blown Home Office or work-from-home area…

Home Office houseology

Home Office houseologyHome Office houseologyHome Office houseology

Our Study/Work Areas…

  • A small room at first floor level works well in this regard, serving also as TV Room, Guest Bedroom and overflow toy storage.
  • It faces south, and being at first floor level, is both bright and removed from household distractions.
  • Earplugs mean that the laptop can be used effectively when the TV is on.
  • A 1.8m long trestle table increases flexibility, being easily de-mountable and stored or re-deployed, as opposed to a fixed desk or table.
  • The room measures 2.2m wide x 4.0m long, equating to a small converted garage, but with an above-average ceiling height of 2.7m, giving the effect of a generous room.
  • A built-in desk on the ground floor offers an alternative location for computer use and study. Book storage is accommodated here also.