The space that almost everyone wishes to create in their home, a single gathering place and focal point, preferably opening onto the garden or main external space…

Kitchen Dining Family Room houseologyKitchen Dining Family Room houseologyKitchen Dining Family Room houseology

  • Cooking and eating combine comfortably in the Kitchen Dining Family Room with the chance to sit, if only on a single sofa, a welcome bonus.
  • A formal and separate dining area is rarely a priority in most houses today. People now tend to gravitate towards the option of eating within the kitchen area
  • For some,however, the idea of preparing a meal in full sight of guests is daunting.
  • For others, the thought of entertaining or dining in view of dirty preparation dishes is challenging.
  • In such cases, an island may provide the ideal solution, where space allows, as it can act as a physical and visual barrier between the food preparation and dining areas.
  • An inline fan – where the motor is located remotely for the extract point – will quietly extract cooking smells in combined kitchen/dining areas.
  • In areas where space is limited, a table with a single, central leg will work best.
  • Where a distinct dining space is a must, it should naturally be located conveniently to the kitchen, perhaps connected to the cooking area by means of double doors?
  • A sofa, or stools at an island,provide a place for guests to perch while you cook.
  • Small children gravitate naturally towards adults, so allow for some play and toy storage here, or close by, where possible.
  • Allow for the family laptop or computer to be in view of this space to allow for parental control of internet use where relevant.
  • A single sofa or comfortable chair will transform the feel and scope of use of this area. Where space is tight, re-locating or even removing non-essential items, like a dresser, might free up the space required to accommodate such seating.
Our Kitchen Dining Family Room…
  • Faces North, measures 5m wide x 5.8m long and opens onto the back garden.
  • White terrazzo floor with a rug for soft play.
  • Kitchen units are ranged along one wall in a straight run with a 3 metre table running alongside it.
  • The 3 metre long table seats 12 comfortably and is a useful multi-tasking surface including being a child friendly food preparation area.
  • This long table used to be in the middle of the house but works better here as a foil and backdrop to the kitchen. This location makes entertaining much easier also.
  • A sofa by the rug in front of the gas fire provides a place for guests to sit comfortably or for family members to read.
  • Open storage beside this houses the main body of toys, with space for hard surface play – lego, trains, cars etc., in front.

Some things I would change!

  • Some detailed adjustments will probably need to be made to the kitchen itself to enhance teen-friendliness.
  • The doors all open directly to the garden. Ideally, at least one of these would be lobbied, so that the garden could be accessed in Winter without compromising the heating of the house.