Designing by Numbers – Make Every Centimetre Count!

The Importance of Numbers

Your aim is to create a home that meets your needs like a glove: a snugly fitting glove is moulded to the exact dimensions of your hand. In the same way, knowledge of the important dimensions in each room around your home will help you create that snug fit between your needs and your space.

Larder ideas

Familiarise yourself with dimensions

When making alterations to your home, it’s a good idea to get to know the dimensions of your existing spaces. Buy a 5 metre metal tape and take measurements using metric dimensions. You’ll be ordering your kitchen and loose furniture in centimetres so that may be a useful measure to use.Measuring not only the overall lengths of your walls, but also your windows and niches will help you both understand what you have, as well as have a comparison with which to gauge what is proposed.

Understanding Drawings and Dimensions

If you are employing an architect to prepare drawings, they will be drawn to a given scale, generally 1:100 or 1:50. In the case of 1:100, this simply means that every 1 cm on the drawing equates to 1 m in reality. For 1:50, 1 cm equates to 2 cm. Buy a scale rule and learn how to use it so that you can make sure that whatever is proposed really meets your needs.

Start with Zero!

Prior to taking on any building work, ask yourself first if your existing rooms working as hard as they might. Are they being used in the best possible way? Does the furniture layout in each room maximise space, light and storage?

And now some bigger numbers around the house… 
Hall table
Hall console table 35 cm deep x 15 cm high
Timber stairs
Steps 24 cm deep x 20 cm high
Graceful staircase
Steps 25 cm deep x 17.5 cm high
Lower hooks 120 cm high, shoe storage 30 cm deep.
Bathroom Storage
19 cm storage above concealed cistern, with wall mounted wc.
Open plan living room
Room 300 cm tall
House & Home Magazine - my favorite room. Eva Byrne, Dublin 4 - September 2008. Photo - Paul Sherwood 00 353 87 230 9096 Copyright - September 2008.
Couch and shelving 200 cm wide
TV unit
40 cm high TV unit
Mobile TV unit
Mobile TV unit
Living Room ideas
Low storage in alcoves
Kitchen dining family room ideas
Kitchen Dining Family Room 5 m wide x 5.8 m long.
12 Kitchen + Table:Island
Table 100 cm from kitchen units. Table 150 cm long x 90 cm wide.
Eva Byrne, Architect and House Consultant in her favourite room at home in Ballsbridge. Lounge. Photo: Tony Gavin 10/1/07
Small couch 150 cm wide.
Linear kitchen with table. No island!
Apartment kitchen ideas
Standard kitchen units 60 cm deep x 90 cm high.
Apartment kitchen ideas
Custom kitchen units 60 cm deep x 105 cm high.
American fridge
American fridge 92 cm wide x 73 cm deep.
Larder ideas
Bespoke larder.
Aldi stepped shelf
Aldi stepped shelves 20 cm deep x 37 cm wide x 8.5 cm high.
Aldi stepped shelves
Aldi larder hack.
Dining room ideas
Dining table 300 cm long x 90 cm wide: sideboard/desk 60 cm wide.
Dining room ideas
150 cm table joined to 150 cm table.
Sideboard ideas.
60 cm sideboard at work.
Eva Byrne, Architect and House Consultant in her favourite room at home in Ballsbridge. Lounge. Photo: Tony Gavin 10/1/07
Toy Storage unit 157cm wide x 33cm deep x 111cm high. Muji storage units 26w x 32h x 37d.
26 Play 2
Toy/Games storage unit 200 cm long x 40 cm deep x 75 cm high. Art storage unit 80w x 40d x 96h.
Laundry room ideas.
Under-stairs laundry cupboard.
Hallway tiling wall mirror storage
Utility cupboard 90 cm wide x 65 cm deep x 240 cm high. Hanging rail 120 cm above counter.
Apartment bedroom ideas.
60 cm each side of bed. Wardrobe doors 50 cm wide x 240 cm high.
Wardrobe ideas.
Wardrobe doors 50 cm wide x 240 cm tall.
Apartment bedroom ideas.
60 cm at end of bed.
Bookshelves in bedroom.
Wardrobes 60 cm deep with 60 cm bookshelves at end.
Teen desk ideas.
Desk 60 cm deep, pin-board 50 cm high, 33 cm clear between shelves.
Teen bedroom ideas.
Wardrobe and desk 60 cm deep, dressing table 30 cm deep.
Teen dressing table
Dressing table 30 cm deep.
Double ended bath.
Double ended bath 180 cm long x 80 cm deep.
Laundry basket ideas.
Hinged access to laundry at end of bath with 2 baskets each 32 x 38 x 58.
Bathroom storage ideas.
Concealed storage over concealed cistern 15 cm deep.
Hot Press ideas.
Hot Press shelves with 25 cm clear between each shelf.
Linen storage ideas.
Hot Press with shelves 25 cm apart vertically and space for laundry baskets at bottom.


Home office ideas
Home Office with 50 cm deep desk, 50 cm high pin-board and shelves with 33 cm clear between each.
Home office ideas
Desk 50 cm deep, adjustable shelves at side 45 cm deep.
Dressing table ideas.
Home Office in Guest Bedroom doubles as Dressing Table.

Hoping these ideas will help you make every centimetre count!

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