Doing Work to your Home: Planning & Regulatory Issues

30 September 2019 Whilst Space, Light and Storage are the Trinity of good house design, it is important to remember the planning and regulatory issues which apply when refurbishing or extending your home. The most 4 important issues are: 1. PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS What: Normally known as "Planning Permission."Scope: The Planning and Development Regulations deal with th...
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Ages & Stages: Designing your Home to meet your Family’s Needs.

Shakespeare identified seven stages in a man's life, from cradle to grave. I believe that a family home goes through seven stages also, each of which brings their own needs and challenges. Whilst we cannot predict the future, it is always best, when buying a new home or undertaking work to your existing home, to be mindful of these future needs. Here's how our family home has evolved over the stag...
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Designing by Numbers – Make Every Centimetre Count!

The Importance of Numbers Your aim is to create a home that meets your needs like a glove: a snugly fitting glove is moulded to the exact dimensions of your hand. In the same way, knowledge of the important dimensions in each room around your home will help you create that snug fit between your needs and your space. Familiarise yourself with dimensions When making alterations to your home, i...
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Thinking Big in Small Spaces – how to maximise your home.

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Whatever the size of your home, you'll want every centimetre to work as hard as possible. This is especially true when space is limited where it really is about thinking big in small spaces in order to maximise your home. I really enjoyed helping a client renovate a tiny apartment in Dublin earlier this year. At just over 40 square meters, it measured less than the new minimum apartment size. A sh...
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House 2016 – Top Ten Tips to get the most out of your visit.

Get out your diary and plan your visit to House 2016. Taking place next weekend from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May 2016 at the RDS, this exceptional show should not be missed by anyone seeking inspiration and design ideas for their home. I myself will be among the wide range of architects, designers, craftsmen, home improvement specialists, artists, furniture and fit-out suppliers gathering in t...
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