TIPS: Arranging Furniture

  • Use existing room features as reference points and work with these to provide lines of symmetry and balance – windows, fireplaces, alcoves etc.
  • Arrange seating areas in such a way that each piece feels that it is “talking” to the others. If the furniture arrangement looks conversational, chances are it will be inviting and conducive to conversation among the occupants, as well as being comfortable for a sole occupant.
  • Pull furniture away, even slightly, from the walls where possible. This will increase the flow of space and, since the walls can be felt all round, make the room feel bigger.
  • Pushing furniture hard up against the walls in a large room will make the room uninviting and give the effect of the furniture being “strangled” by the walls.
  • Explore how a large room may be broken up into a number of smaller areas and furniture groupings.
  • Be adventurous! Explore different options, including some you feel may not work – they just might, or if not, they might trigger new ideas.