Doing Work to your Home: Planning & Regulatory Issues

30 September 2019 Whilst Space, Light and Storage are the Trinity of good house design, it is important to remember the planning and regulatory issues which apply when refurbishing or extending your home. The most 4 important issues are: 1. PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS What: Normally known as "Planning Permission."Scope: The Planning and Development Regulations deal with th...
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Home Renovation Incentive Scheme: Planning & Regulatory Issues

14 February 2014 The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme offers homeowners the opportunity to avail of tax credits in respect of work to their home carried out by qualified Contractors. In the thrill of finally being able to start that long postponed-work, it is important to remember the planning and regulatory issues which apply when undertaking building works to your home. The most 4 important i...
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Working with your Architect 1: Choosing an Architect

You are about to embark on that long-postponed project and to avail of the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme. You know your project will benefit from the skills and expertise of an architect. But how to choose the right one? We answer the questions people ask about choosing an right architect for your project... 1. My project is tiny: is it worth getting an architect? With any project, you...
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Tips for working with an Architect. Irish Independent, 05.10.2012

"An Architect is the Magic Wand in your Building Project... " Learn how to work that wand to its full potential with these Tips for Working with an Architect on your home building project... Word of mouth is always the best source for any professional. Choose an architect based on their previous work (ask to see some of their projects) and also on the potential you feel for a good working relati...
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