Review House PlansREVIEW
Are you planning a new build or an extension? Do your proposals need a fresh eye? I’m always happy to Review House Plans to help you make the most of your building project and of your Space, Light & Storage.
€500 | 2 hours     €650 | 2.5 hours

In the course of a REVIEW House Consultation, I will review house plans for your renovation, extension or new build project, in the course of which we can explore:

  • What you really want from your new or extended home.
  • What is currently proposed, including what does and does not work for you.
  • Whether the rooms are organised so as to best capture the sun.
  • How the spaces work, both individually and as a whole: how they might be improved.
  • How rooms might be laid out and used.
  • Whether there is adequate storage, how better storage might be incorporated.
  • Whether the kitchen is correctly located and laid out.
  • Finishes and materials – how to choose what best suits the design and your needs.

The REVIEW Home Package includes:

  • Personal consultation (2 hours is fine for a modest extension, a new house may need 2.5 hours).
  • Scaled, freehand sketches overlaid on the existing drawings showing alternative layouts, either to individual rooms or parts of the house, as relevant.
  • Advice about how to expedite the proposed changes.
  • Advice on any implications for planning or other regulations.

REVIEW clients say…

“Eva, when you arrived this morning for our consultation, I thought my architect had given me a plan for an extension with which I was reasonably happy…one I could live with.  I thought that you would just give me a few ideas on how to better live within a set of architectural constraints.   Two hours later the constraints were gone!  You worked and reworked my needs and, presto, a radically different plan appeared!  This one is not one I can live with; it’s one I LOVE!

A major extension means a major investment, regardless of how much builders say their costs are coming down.  To spend that money and get only a part of what you hope for is a bad investment.  Paying you to sort out what I really need and how to get it was the smartest investment I ever made.  Not only do your changes make sense right now for our family of six, but they will work just as well or even better as our kids grow.

I can’t thank you enough!  But we will open a bottle of bubbly some time next year when the last builder departs!!!”