Ikea Family Live

11 January 2011 I’ve already enjoyed a first trip to Ikea this year for some low budget, life-enhancing bits for the house. I’ll be visiting their Ikea Family Live website frequently too – very fresh and inspiring…What do you think?

Black Mould and Air Quality

22 November 2010 I found Episode 2 of “About the House” on RTE 1, which focussed on air quality, extremely thought provoking…could the black mould on the window frames in our childrens’ bedrooms be at the root of their morning sniffles? The black mould has built up stealthily over the years, fed by the condensation…


10 November 2010 I just spent a fascinating morning with Ruth Wassell from Houseworks,  www.houseworks.ie/, discussing innovations in kitchen appliances…she’s looking forward to showing off Thermomix, a super fast food blender and processor that also weighs, cooks, simmers and steams! I’m tempted… http://www.vorwerk.com/thermomix/html/