Ho do we transform our home into a summer space?

Retractable awning
Question: We are holidaying at home this year and want to spend the time making some home improvements, particular improving our patio and its connection with the house. Do you have a few tips? Read the full answer here... Answer: With the showery weather this summer, awnings are a great way to ensure that you can use your outdoor space in sunshine and in rain. They also make a nice tr...
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How to make open-plan living work for a growing family. The Sunday Independent, 29.05.16

Open plan kitchen
Q: We're a family of two adults and three pre-school children. Our house is a typical semi-d with living room to the front and separate kitchen and dining room to the rear. We're thinking about adding a small extension to create a single open-plan space to the rear. We're a bit worried about noise, cooking smells and about how the arrangement will suit our family as we grow. What's your advice? ...
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A place for everything – how to plan your storage. Sunday Independent, 27.03.2016

Storage ideas
Q: We've just completed a major de­cluttering session in our home - but we're still overcome with "stuff"! What's your advice about maximising storage? A: Good storage is the key to a calm and orderly home. Ideally, there should be a place for everything. This means that no matter how messy your home gets, everything will have a 'home' to return to. Spend time going through your house roo...
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Small footprints with big potential; The Irish Times 13.02.2016

Small Apartment houseology
I was delighted to help a client refurbish and decorate a beautiful 1980's apartment in Ranelagh recently. We were both pleased with the quality of space, light & storage we achieved and struck by how the modest apartment was still smaller, at just over 40 square metres, than the new minimum apartment size of 45 square metres. Alanna Gallagher from The Irish Times came to have a look: you can ...
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