Case Studies


Extend Consultation houseology
BRIEF: Add Guest Toilet on ground floor.Create a Kitchen/Dining/Family Room at the back of the house.Extend to smallest extent possible to achieve spaces required.NOTE: Five options were prepared in the course of the consultation. The two preferred by the client are shown below.FOLLOW UP: The client asked me to return at a later date for a RETURN Consultation to explore options for configuring...
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RENOVATE CONSULTATION: Enlarging a Box Room in Dundrum

Renovate Consultation houseology
2 Hour Improve Consultation, September 2019 "I am delighted with my consultation! Thanks to Eva, we can remodel our existing space to provide a larger bedroom for our daughter without losing space in other rooms. This will cost considerably less that extending than extending the property so now our budget covers re-modelling the family bathroom as well. Eva is bursting with great ideas and sol...
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FINISH Consultation: House in Blackrock

BRIEF: CONTEXT: The client had added a large extension to the rear of the house 7 years ago when the children were all of pre-school and primary school age. Now that they are all of late primary and secondary school age, it's time to re-think how the house is organised and to add a level of finish and luxury that budget did not allow when building the extension.Create separate Teen Den in lieu...
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REVIEW CONSULTATION : Developer’s Semi-d in Kildare

The raw material: plans for a semi detached home to be built by a developer in an estate in Co. Kildare. The brief: could the layout be improved to provide a better family home, including a small extension if necessary? The Raw Material: my thoughts, from front to back... [caption id="attachment_3774" align="alignleft" width="222"] Kildare Semi-D by Developer[/caption] A porch...
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