Miriam, Killiney, 27 August 2014 (re re-configuration of bedroom and kitchen/dining/family room):

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful ideas. We were delighted at how much we got from the consultation. We changed the bed around in our bedroom the next day and couldn’t believe the difference its made to the room. The builder started the building work this morning on the reconfigured kitchen/family room.  I’ll send you some photos when its finished next month!"
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Seán K, Sallins, 14 June 2014 (re alterations to plans for semi-d prior to construction):

"Great meeting you today. I think you did a great job and we're both really excited about putting this together. Best €250 we are likely to spend on the whole project!" I'll be in touch and let you know how it goes". (16 Dec 2014 & 02 Feb 2015) Mary G, Rathfarnham, 12 June 2014 (re interior works to 3 bed apartment): "John and I are delighted with the consultation yesterday - very profes...
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Jennifer, Rathfarnham, 04 June 2014 (re proposed extension to semi-d):

"I really enjoyed your visit and the suggestions you gave me.   I certainly learned the importance of planning everything and having it all on the drawings.  We have someone coming out this week to do up our drawings so we feel things are moving. Saw your article in last Sunday's Times..... lovely reading it and especially after just meeting you !!  Maybe later on in the year when we have the work...
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Emer, Maynooth, 03 May 2014 (re extension and alterations to 3 bed home):

"It was great meeting with you last week. The idea you gave us for the kitchen and family area exactly fit what we need at the moment. It was very good also to get another opinion on an upstairs extension and to focus on what our priorities are rather than doing unnecessary work. The tips for the rest of the house were a bonus for getting the most out of our existing house. I think your service is...
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Alison S, Clontarf, 25 April 2014 (re fitting out Play Room and other alterations):

"Definitely loads of food for thought and further research.....I think even starting by taking out the fireplace and putting tv screen on the wall, taking out the darker cabinet and replacing with floor lamp and then really starting to think logistically about what is it the kids actually play with and what would they be more willing to play with with better accessability and organisation. I can...
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AM, Ballsbridge, 16 September 2013

Thank you SO much for your consultation on Friday  - it was really fantastic.  I was feeling very overwhelmed and confused with conflicting advice from various quarters. I was facing into a black hole and wanted to run the other way! Now I have great designs, custom-made for my house and how I want to live in it, and am looking forward to the project.  Thank you so much - I didn't realise how muc...
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