TIPS – Choosing Furniture

  • Buy the best you can and with an eye to the timeless, not fad or fashion.
  • When starting out, rediscover the pleasure of “making do”. Avoid the pressure to complete each room or even the entire house at once. Slowly acquire the pieces you really want, as finances permit.
  • With regard to “making do”, take heart in the fact that there are very few surfaces and finishes that do not respond well to painting, providing you get the preparation right. This applies to fitted furniture (wardrobe doors, kitchens etc) as well as loose pieces.
  • Furniture on castors will maximise flexibility, especially on timber and tiled floors.
  • Re-covering chairs and sofas can sometimes be as costly as replacing. Make sure the piece in question is worth this investment.

Shopping for Furniture…

  • Take all relevant room measurements, have with you the possible size of each piece.
  • Prepare a shortlist of shops tailored to your taste and budget. Try to stick to this in preparing a shortlist of possible purchases.
  • Ask in advance of the shop’s return policy before committing to a piece you are unsure of.
  • In some cases, it may be possible to take a piece, for example a rug, home for a short period to try it in situ before committing to purchasing.