TIPS – Builders and Workmen

  • Use the best you can afford. You will save time, money…and your sanity.
  • Word of mouth is the best recommendation. Talk to previous clients, look at completed projects.
  • Provide as complete a description as possible as to the scope of work required.
  • Request a detailed, written quote in advance of any work commencing.
  • Be clear as to what you want, give precise instructions. Never assume that the builder/workman knows exactly how you want things done.
  • Expect mess, noise and dust. Your home is the builder’s site.
  • Where you have engaged an Architect, communicate with the builder only through your Architect.
  • Be aware that any changes you request once work has commenced may lead to increased costs.
  • Be wary of any changes to your specification requested by the builder once work has commenced. Ask yourself in whose interest such alterations are being proposed?
  • Be prepared to say no in such situations. Have phrases rehearsed in anticipation of such circumstances which will enable you to buy time where you are unsure or feel pressured into making a decision you are unsure of.