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Are you preparing a property for sale or rent? Would you like to increase the appeal of your home to ensure a maximum, speedy return? In just 2 hours, I can help you unlock the full potential of your property…
€399 | 2 Hours

In the course of a 2 hour STAGE House Consultation, we will explore how to make your home look bigger, brighter, fresher and more appealing. Our brainstorming session about how to present your property to its best effect will include…

  • Overall appraisal of the exterior of the property and its grounds.
  • Room by room appraisal with itemised recommendations for each space to maximise space and light.
  • Room layouts including re-arrange your existing furniture, plus recommendations for removing or adding pieces and personal effects as necessary.
  • Choose colour schemes.
  • Menu of finishing touches to be considered at each viewing.


The STAGE Home Package includes:

  • 2 hour visit to your house or apartment.
  • Written report with itemised room by room recommendations and guidance on how to carry out any agreed works, including sufficient information to get “ballpark” estimates from a Contractor and contact details for Contractors & Suppliers.
  • All completed in the course of the 2 hour consultation.

TV & Work Room

Small Apartment