Laundry and Utility Room Ideas

The whole issue of washing, airing and sorting laundry is undoubtedly huge nowadays…


Laundry and Utility Room houseologyLaundry and Utility Room houseologyLaundry and Utility Room houseology


  • The tiniest of Utility Rooms will help contain this business but bear in mind the overall use of your space and of the context of the house in general when deciding whether or not to devote precious space to such a room.
  • Ask if the main functions of the Utility Room – laundry and storage of household cleaning paraphernalia etc – can be accommodated in ways other than a dedicated space.
  • For example, a large cupboard – heated and ventilated – with a drying rail over washing/drying machines below could handle much of the washing and airing of an average household load.
  • A heated towel rail would be an excellent source of heat in a larger cupboard or in a Utility Room, providing both general heat for airing the clothes and a place to hang small items such as socks, baby clothes etc.
  • A multi-bar heated towel rail will be more useful in this regard than a rail with fewer , more widely spaced bars.
  • The manifolds associated with under-floor heating also generate considerable heat. Consider locating them in such a way as to avail of this heat for airing clothes.
  • Alternative locations for the washing machines, other than in a Utility and Laundry room, include under the stairs, downstairs WC and bathroom.
  • A tall cupboard for brooms and hoover can be incorporated within the overall scheme of the kitchen or elsewhere. The back of a door is a useful place for storage of the ironing board.
  • Most of us are familiar with the idea of a Hot Press but think also in terms of linen storage – spare sheets, duvets, blankets etc. A stand-alone Linen Cupboard, perhaps at first floor level or in the vicinity of the bedrooms, is a bonus for any house.
  • Provide full height access to the Hot Press and/or Linen Cupboard where possible – a normal door means a lot of the area at high level is effectively inaccessible.
  • Hot Press/linen storage shelves work well with shelves 30cm apart in height. Laundry topples over more easily where shelves are farther apart. You will fit in more shelves and more items. Shelves 45cm deep are useful here. Any deeper than 60cm here means scrambling for things at the back.


Laundry and Utility Room ideas from our house…

  • Our “Utility” area is housed under the stairs, with the washing machine, drier, hot water cylinder, ironing board and storage shelving all located here.
  • Heat is generated by both the hot water cylinder and associated pipework as well as the manifolds from the under-floor heating.
  • Clothes for airing may be hung on hangers in this space, using this residual heat from the hot water cylinder and the manifolds.
  • Items awaiting ironing are stored on the worktop above the machines.
  • Modern machines are generally quiet, so noise intrusion is minimal (an important factor, given that the stairs open off the living room).
  • This space is a huge bonus in the house, meaning that clothes airing – a perennial problem in this climate – is conveniently and unobtrusively catered for.
  • Linen is stored in a 1st floor cupboard measuring .8m wide x .6m deep  x 2.4m high on the way into the Family Bathroom.
  • The slatted shelves here are 48cm deep and are spaced 23cm apart vertically – this seems small, but allows for efficient linen storage on more shelves.
  • The  bottom shelf is 1m from the floor to allow for the laundry baskets to be located in this space also.


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