Extend Consultation, Malahide, 19 May 2016.

This is a long overdue mail, with regard the above project which we undertook last autumn, subsequent to your visit on 9th April 2015.  We are delighted with the end result, which has been life changing for us as a family and would like to sincerely thank you for all your advice.

We absolutely love the amount of light that floods this south facing room.  The light regularly bounces against the wall dividing the kitchen and lounge, which is fantastic.  We love the way you advised us to re-centre the utility room door which now allows storage on the left hand side of this room.   With the front door located in the middle of our house, when the kitchen door is open, this allows a clear view to the rear garden with the rear glazing centred.  Your measurements perfectly allowed for the positioning of the kitchen along the exterior wall of the house, with a 1m tiled area across to the island.  The high stools again fit neatly beneath overhang of the island and equally on the far side of this room, the seating for the living area fit perfectly.  Despite having to have the pocket door track replaced with a stronger track,  the ability to open these doors in such a space saving manner is fantastic,  giving a huge sense of spaciousness.  The opal glass door to the hall has assisted in brightening this area.  The plumber was not keen on the vertical radiators and convinced us to get standard radiators.  The only problem being that we have failed to include an area to house a desk and computer.

Again, we want to thank you for all your ideas and advice, which you managed to condense into two hours and also the enthusiasm you instilled in us to undertake this project.

M & S Byrne, Malahide.

Extension Advice Dublin

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