20 Steps to Your Dream Home…

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  6 February 2015 A doctor carries a stethoscope, an accountant a calculator. So what does a House Consultant carry in her bag to help you realise the home of your dreams? Here's a sneak peek at the 20 most important elements of my House Consultation kit... We'll arrange our meeting by phone or by email over my trusty old iPhone. It'll go straight into my Diary with details...
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10 Thoughts from 10 Years of House Consultations…

28 January 2015 It is just over 10 years since Emma Cullinan wrote about my planned new House Consultations service in the Irish Times. Many clients later, with budgets from €0 to €2million+, it seems a good time to pause and share some thoughts on those themes that crop up most frequently... 1. Start with the Sun... One of the first questions I ask people is: " What sun do you get to at the ba...
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Design Doctors 2014

The Design Doctors return to RTÉ in 2014 with a new series starting at 8.30pm on Thursday 11 September. Dynamic presenters, interior design duo Aoife Rhattigan and Garry Cohn (now of Cohn Design), will surely fire the nation with fresh enthusiasm for our homes. Aoife laughingly describes themselves themselves as "the Optimistic Yank and the Pessimistic Paddy". So we can expect lots of energy an...
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Simon Open Door 2014: Top 10 Tips for your 1 Hour Consultation

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6 May 2014 Simon Open Door 2014 takes place next weekend: have you signed up yet? Here are our Top 10 Tips for getting the most out of your 60 minute consultation.... 1. Issues: Think about your issues in terms of Space, Light and Storage. Architects are champion problem solvers and relish the opportunity to address your particular needs. Whilst you may have your own solutions in mind, con...
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Building Control Amendment Regulations 2014

14 February 2014 Building Control Amendment Regulations 2014 (referred to as BC(A)R), will apply to new houses and house extensions over 40m2 that start on site from 1st March 2014. For more information, see the Interim Client Guidance Notice issued by the RIAI on 12 February 2014. Summary of Building Owner’s Obligations under The Building Control Amendment Regulations 2014 (from the RIAI ...
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Home Renovation Incentive Scheme: Planning & Regulatory Issues

31A Works
14 February 2014 The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme offers homeowners the opportunity to avail of tax credits in respect of work to their home carried out by qualified Contractors. In the thrill of finally being able to start that long postponed-work, it is important to remember the planning and regulatory issues which apply when undertaking building works to your home. The most 4 important i...
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Working with your Architect 1: Choosing an Architect

You are about to embark on that long-postponed project and to avail of the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme. You know your project will benefit from the skills and expertise of an architect. But how to choose the right one? We answer the questions people ask about choosing an right architect for your project... 1. My project is tiny: is it worth getting an architect? With any project, you...
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